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Our Process

Chris is dedicated to providing personalized financial planning and investment management services to help his clients achieve their financial goals. His process is designed to be collaborative, transparent, and flexible so that we can work together to develop a customized plan that meets his client's unique needs and helps them to make progress toward financial independence.

Getting to Know You: Chris takes the time to get to know his clients and understand their financial history and current situation.

  1. Information Gathering: Gathers a wide range of information from his clients to build a detailed financial profile.
  2. Understanding Your Issues and Goals: Delves into his clients' specific financial issues and goals and seeks to understand their objectives and concerns.
  3. Developing Your Plan: Uses sophisticated planning software and data analysis to develop a customized financial plan, including investment recommendations, savings, debt management, insurance, and other financial strategies.
  4. Monitoring Progress: Schedules regular meetings with his clients to review their progress and make any necessary adjustments to their plan. The frequency of these meetings is up to the client and is based on their needs and preferences.

Discover how Chris Galli can help you reach your goals.