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Chris Galli

Chris Galli

Senior Financial Advisor

After graduating from La Salle University in Philadelphia with a degree in International Finance, I began my career as a financial advisor trainee with Dean Witter Reynolds who later became Morgan Stanley. Having early success with Morgan Stanley and earning their coveted National Sales Director award, I then became highly recruited by Paine Webber/UBS. My experience working for 2 major investment firms and learning the Pro’s and Con’s of the financial services industry taught me a great deal. Those lessons ultimately helped me decide to become an independent advisor with SAI and WMA.

I am a financial advisor with a mission to positively impact as many people as possible. One of my passions is helping people reach their goals and live out their dreams. I get excited when I see how the advice I have given over the years has enhanced people's lives and helped them achieve the quality of life they hoped for. As a fiduciary, I know that it’s critical to always put my clients best interest first. Working as an independent financial advisor with SAI and WMA has given me the tools and resources to help my clients reach their financial goals..

Having grown up as a first generation immigrant, I know what it’s like to start with little and grow from there. I take my role in people’s lives seriously and openly admit that it’s a privilege and tremendous responsibility to be entrusted with my clients' life savings. For more than 25 years, I have helped my clients navigate good and bad markets, positive and negative interest rate environments, Wars, Cultural Changes, Technology Revolution, Political issues and the most recent Health Crisis. My experience has proven to be invaluable in helping my clients protect their assets and help them make the most important decisions of their lives.

When I'm not working, I enjoy traveling to Italy, spending time at the beach, hunting, and helping out at my church. I am also a member of the Knights of Columbus, a religious organization that raises money for various causes and people in need. I believe in using my skills and talents to make a positive difference in the world, and I hope to continue doing so through my work as a financial advisor.

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